A great SEO Expert in the insurance niche

If you want to grow your insurance agency you need to attract new clients on a regular basis. Especially the insurance industry is highly competitive and Marketing campaigns need to be well prepared in order to get great results and generate a positive Return on Investment.

What I have seen great success with in my own insurance business was when I hired a SEO expert to rank my website.

In case you are not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), this is the process of ranking your webpage on top of the search engines for selected search terms. So, when people are looking for a certain kind of insurance policy that you are selling you want to be found right among the first spots. Reaching out to these people is highly effected because chances are really high that they have already made their buying decision.

The SEO expert that I trust

Unfortunately, SEO is not that easy and you really need to hire a SEO consultant or agency to get the job done. Another problem with search engine optimization is that this is an industry with a lot of shady people who never deliver real results and only want to take your money.

To prevent you from having a bad experience with SEO it’s highly recommended to hire a SEO expert with a proven track record.

Only work with a seasoned SEO expert

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find the right SEO consultant at the first try. His Name is Christian Weiss and he’s really delivering awesome results. Christian doesn’t work for everybody and only takes on a few clients at a time. But if you get the chance to work with him don’t hesitate. He really changed my business in an unbelievable way.

Since he has ranked my website for some pretty cool keywords I have a constant stream of leads coming to my business and the best thing is that these people convert into new clients on a crazy conversion rate.

Getting an unoccupied property insurance can save your assets

Just think about that real quick: In order to build some assets for your retirement you have invested your money into real estate. You have bought a house, an apartment or a condominium in order to rent this out to a tenant.

Doing this would allow you to achieve two things! When done properly, you would build an asset that would actually increase it’s value over time and you would get paid a monthly rent for this property at the same time.

At first glance this strategy really looks perfect.

But, what if suddenly the economy turns down and you have a hard time renting out your property? What if the property would be empty for a few month or even a year?

In this case a lot of landlords might get into big trouble because one fundamental part of this real estate strategy is to pay for the house or apartment with money they have borrowed from the bank.

If suddenly the estate would be empty and no rent would be coming in this might cause some severe financial difficulties because they just don’t know how to pay for the credit.

Save your assets with an “Unoccupied Property Insurance”

In order to avoid a situation like described above I would highly recommend getting an UNOCCUPIED property insurance which would cover you in such cases.

To get a first overview just watch the video below which explains what this kind of insurance policy is all about and how it works…

As always, we hope that this article was helpful for you. Just visit our website on a regular basis if you want to learn more on how landlords can get insured the best way possible.

The Indie Insurer is online

Hey everybody, it’s good to see you here on my website!

My name is Burt Lancaster and I am a professional Insurance Broker. I have been in the insurance business for my entire career. My grandfather sold insurances, my father did and so do I. But, the world has changed and the changes are happening faster and faster – especially in the financial world.

insurance advice from Burt

That is the reason why I have decided to setup this blog in order to help as many people as possible to get the right insurance policies and optimize their financial.

My intention is not to sell you on a contract that you don’t need. I only want to provide valuable information about the latest trends, fads, and regulations in the insurance field.

I know from experience that most of the people have the wrong coverage. In my opinion this is due to the fact that everybody collects different insurance contracts over their life-time depending on their current needs and circumstances.

But don’t worry! If you feel that you need some guidance with optimizing your financial belongings I am here to help you. On this website I will publish articles as well as videos on a regular that are supposed to help you to get your financial act together.

Finally you should know that this blog is not only about insurance contracts and policies but also about other financial products.

Hope you enjoy your stay,