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Archive for October, 2006

IMS – 017

26th October 2006

With the yummy smell of fresh-brewed French Vanilla coffee in the air, come on in and take a 30 minute break with me. Here are 7 great songs I’d like to you hear this week.

Geoff Smith
Foot in your Door
Geoff Smith and the Tonewheels

Root Doctor
Me And My Wife
Been A Long Time Coming

Dave Garner
Last Of The Love Songs

Alice Smith
For Lovers, Dreamers and Me

Lee Alexander
My Sweet Addiction
Out of Place

Midwestern Lull

Summer Of Life
Facts of Life (not yet released)

All the music is from the Podsafe Music Network ( If it weren’t for the PMN, this program would be out of business, so big shout-outs to them!

Thanks for checking in this week. Hope to see you again soon. Until then, let the music play…

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IMS – 016

19th October 2006

Pay no attention to that announcer man during the intro of the show. This is show number 16, not 6! That ADHD brain gets distracted and just about anything can come out of the mouth. I have a hunch the “6″ that was on my brain was the number of great songs I picked out to play for you this week. Here they are in order of appearance.

Sunny Shiny Moon
One Opens Up

Katy Wehr
The Smell of Rain

James Stewart
A Man Like Me

James Taylor Curtis
That’s A Woman
Don’t Get No Better Than This

Jeremy Mix
Love and Other Garage Sale Items

Di Sheldon

I can remember when I was a teen, I would go out and buy the latest music (it was on 45’s and 33’s back then) and invite people over to hear it. Since I refuse to grow up, that is a lot of what this podcast is about. I spend a week finding good music, then I can’t wait to invite you over to check it out. Don’t forget to wipe your feet at the door and the French Vanilla decaf coffee is always on. Hmmmmm. That’s good.

Thanks for stopping by … see you next time.

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IMS – 015

12th October 2006

Every once in a while, I like to mention my great theme music. I never tire of hearing this song. It’s called “You’re The Only One” by EL84, and you can check out the band at

I know I say this every week, but I think the musical lineup this week is fabulous!!

Orange Is In
Dividing All We Are
Another Lame Semi-Tragedy

Jerzy Jung
Good At Goodbye

Adam Woodall Band
Coming Home Soon
Silver Ring

Michelle Hotaling
You Shoulda
Chained by Dreams

Smile & Sigh

The Muse

I give my son Joe a plug in this show. The link to his podcast is

I hope you enjoyed the music this week. Let’s do it again in 7 days. See you then!

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IMS – 014

5th October 2006

I have been in no particular mood this week so I’ve got a fine hodgepodge of independent music for you this week. Here’s what’s on the menu.

Morning Lane
She Dancer

The Features
Contrast EP

Katy Pfaffl
Through It All

Christopher Dallman
Nighttime In The City
Race The Light

Winter Circle
Streetlight Flicker-Flicker
The Huge and Hopeful

Just Another Folkin’ Son Of A HUTCH

My Little Radio
Don’t Go Home

All of the music this week was from the Podsafe Music Network at

As part of my hosting service, I get a map showing me countries listeners are is. This would include places like Nigeria, Venezuela, The Philippines and Spain. Isn’t the Internet amazing? How small this world has become.

Until next week, Take care … and let the music play!

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