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Archive for November, 2006

IMS – 021

24th November 2006

To thank me for giving them a little publicity on the podcast, some of the artists have given me their CD at shows or mailed them to me. I would like to thank them in return by giving them a second play. As you will hear, I am a very lucky man! :-)

National Flower
Farewell Michael Meanwhile

Christie (Aitken) Taylor
The Music Is My Medicine
Road To Sunnyside

Stephen Inglis
Fringes Of The Wayside

Hollow Horse
One Day
Five Year Diary

Last Goodbye

Joshua Scott
Famous Last Words

David Francis
Life Smiled
Fake Valentine

Promo: Rich Palmer’s Audio Gumshoe music podcast at

I hope you enjoyed the second listen to these independent artits. I’m back with a fresh batch for you to sample next week. Until then, take care … and let the music play …

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IMS – 020

17th November 2006

I was distracted from music and the podcast by a computer mishap so this week you get a lot of music without a lot of chatter. If you prefer it that way, let me know. :-)

Exit Clov*
Violent Berries
Respond Respond (EP)

Warm in the Wake*
Tame Thoughts

The Beat Girls
Touch The Sky

Cedar Falls
The Honest Truth

Lisa Novak
The Other Side
Too Shallow to Swim

High Child
We’ll Never Make It Alone
Tell It Like It Is

Ellis Reed
Good Light
Still Life

* Courtesy of Livewire Recordings at

Promo: Shelby Miller’s Shifted Sound podcast at

I was sitting in a coffee shop listening to a man and his guitar last week, thinking about how the independent music scene works. The musician plays his music at some sort of venue. If people don’t like it, they ignore it or leave. On the other hand, if they like what they hear, they will usually toss a few bucks into the tip jar. If they really like it, they will get on the artist’s mailing list and make it a point to catch their show often.

I have decided that my podcast should operate much the same way. I’m going to (1) do the show for love, because I really do LOVE doing this show, (2) set out a virtual tip jar that you may use if you’d like to help me with the expenses of doing a podcast, (3) invite you to subscribe so you can “follow me around” so to speak.

I was working hard at getting sponsors for the podcast, but decided to abandon the effort. It caused me to stress too much over the number of listeners the program has. It took my focus away from the purpose of the podcast — to entertain you and support the musicians. The hobby I love was turning into a business. Who knows, there may come a time for that, but this is not the time.

As always, thanks for listening … and let the music play …..

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IMS – 019

10th November 2006

The Internet is so cool because it is global. I’m a geek and I understand the technology but the whole concept still blows me away. As it worked out this week, we spend a lot of time overseas from Hillsboro, Oregon, where I produce the program. Sit back and enjoy.

Steve Paroe

Adrienne Pierce
Making Angels
Making Angels (Christmas EP)

When You Look At Me

Our Nights
Windblown Kiss
Chillcast with Anji Bee

Lee Coulter
Stereo Stills (not yet released)

Girls Stuff
It’s You

Lookin’ Good

If you haven’t subscribed yet, do it now so you won’t miss another program. If you have an email address, I’ll send you each program to your inbox the day it’s released. Click the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page. Thanks for listening!

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IMS – 018

2nd November 2006

I have played over 100 songs so far in this series, and not one artist has been repeated. I’m new to the indie music scene but I’d be willing to bet I’ve only scratched the surface. I am sooooo enjoying this journey and it’s good to have you along.

P.J. Pacifico
But Again
Well I’ll Be

Beth Thornley
You’re Right Where
My Glass Eye

The Lingus
In The Morning Sun
Eventide (EP)

Kevin Dremel
Witchin’ Moon
Nobody Knows (Not yet released)

Lana Martino-Smith
Crippled Heart Blues
Cinderella Sings the Blues (EP)

The Bill Vivino Band
Change Your mind
Still Frame (EP)

Mark LaForme
I Will Comfort You

I have re-done the Subscribe page by adding options and simplifying the descriptions. The most exciting addition is subscription via email. Every time I release a show, it can hit your inbox! Check it out by clicking Subscribe at the top of the page.

Hope you enjoyed the music this week. See ya next time!

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