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Archive for January, 2007

IMS – 030

26th January 2007

I love emotional music. Enjoy!

Jann Klose
What You Believe
The Strangest Thing (8-track EP)

Vanya Van Essen
Missing You
Studio Sessions (6-track EP)

Los Gallos
Free The People
Gettin’ the Groove

Metaphysical Attraction

Jon Caspi
Why O Why
I’m Not Angry…Anymore

Edie Carey
The Night
Another Kind Of Fire

Josiah Heflin
Just Pretend
New Land

All of the music is from the Podsafe Music Network at except Vanya Van Essen, which was played with permission. The promo you heard is from another great indie music playing and supporting podcast called Shifted Sound. Find it at

Hope you enjoyed the music this week. See you next time. Until then … let the music play …

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IMS – 029

19th January 2007

This show is special in that I didn’t use the Podsafe Music Network as a source for any of the songs. Three of the arists I’ve seen perform locally, two were introduced to me via email and one I heard on another podcast and HAD to play it on mine. So, sit back and enjoy #29.

Louie Bello
Why I Love Her So

Train Go Sorry
End Of The Line

Simon Apple
River To The Sea

Gil Reynolds Trio
What kind Of Love Is This

Kate Mann
Polly’s Song
Devil’s Rope

Wind Is Mindblowing
Happy New Year

All the music was played with the permission of the artists. The podcast promo was from the Lifespring family of podcasts at

Until next week, my friend, take care … and let the music play …

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IMS – 028

12th January 2007

I found an interesting collection of music to share with you this week. Enjoy!

Joan Osborne
Pretty Little Stranger
Pretty Little Stranger

Gerry Wall
Fire At St. Peters
Returning Fire

Lisa Mann
Real Life Woman
Self Material

Matthew Reed
Living Without My Soul

Plastic Sky
Rooms Of Innocence

Chris Juergensen
Long Time Wondering

Tara Leigh Cobble
The Night Sky & A Telescope
Here’s to Hindsight

The music on this podcast was from the podsafe music network at except Matthew Reed which was played with permission.

Until next week, take care and let the music play …

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IMS – 027

5th January 2007

Welcome to 2007! That makes this podcast 6 months old! That is a cool milestone for me. If I have my way I’ll be doing this (and you’ll still be listening) 20 years from now. It will be interesting to see where the content-on-demand technology will be at that time. Anyway, this is a great bunch of songs so dive in!

Andy Stone
What You Believe

Anne Davis
Get Lost
Letters, Prayers, and Journal Entries

Matt Jones
Hang Around
Better Transitions

Lisa Dames
I Get The Bird

Juka Soma
Richest Man Alive

Red Heart The Ticker
Go Cart Thrills
For the Wicked

The LeeVees
Applesauce Vs. Sour Cream
Hanukkah Rocks

Most of the music came from the Podsafe Music network at except Red heart The Ticker which was played with permission from the artist.

Once again, please accept my wish that 2007 is a great year for you! Until next week, take care, and let the music play …

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