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Archive for February, 2007

IMS – 034

23rd February 2007

A couple of local gals, a couple from the UK, one from Canada and a couple from the East coast of the US. A nice set of music for you! Enjoy!

Stephanie Schneiderman
HomeMySpaceCD BabyiTunesNapsterRhapsody

Heaven Here
The Acoustics

Marie Schumacher
White Noise
Sometimes At Night
HomeMySpaceCD BabyiTunesNapsterRhapsody

Shoulder To Cry On
B Like Water (3-track EP)
HomeMySpaceCD BabyIndiestore

Jarah Jane
Feed It Right
Here I Am

The Shillas
Don’t Even Care

The Vinyl Strangers
Running In Place

The music on this podcast was found and downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network, except Stephanie and Marie, who were played with permission. The other podcast mentioned in the program was Shifted Sound. Until next week, take care, and let the music play…

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IMS – 033

16th February 2007

Starting with this podcast, I’m going to provide more links to the artists themselves and to their music. I hope this will make it easier for you to contact them and purchase their music.

Amanda Duncan
Billy Had To Dance

Lucas Miré
Forever’s Not As Long As It Used To Be
HomeMySpaceCD BabyiTunesNapsterRhapsody

Laura Lambert
Am I Wrong For Loving You

Nick Cook
HomeMySpaceCD BabyiTunesNapster

Eager To Please

Greg Federico

All of the music heard on this podcast was found and downloaded from the Podsafe Music network at Until next week, take care and let the music play …

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IMS – 032

9th February 2007

This podcast is a showcase of what I believe is great independent music. Computers have changed the way we record music, and the Internet is changing the way it is distributed. How lucky I feel to be somewhere in between there, putting a spotlight on talent I find.

Joe Carey

Julia Korena
Man Woman Thing
Julia Korena

Chris Ayer
This Is The Place

Davis Coen
Rooter Blues

Don’t Harass Betty
Questions Asked
Don’t Harass Betty

Alun Parry
Life Of Crime
Corridors Of Stone

Leighan Cortes

All the music was found on the Podsafe Music network at except Julia Korena, which was played by permission.

Until next week, my musical friend, let the music play …

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Moved to new server

7th February 2007


Even though I’ve tried very hard to make it look the same, you may have noticed that I’ve moved my podcast to another server. This place (Prolink Hosting at gives me full control over the presentation and saves me $50/year. While I wouldn’t recommend getting a Prolink account, adjusting DNS entries, installing WordPress, installing the theme of your choice, installing Podpress, spending hours configuring so it’s just right, etc, etc, etc, for everyone, if you’re a geek, then there is no other way to go!

If you have a subscription, give it a week or two to stop giving you duplicate programs. Thanks!

Paul the music lover

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IMS – 031

2nd February 2007

Hope you like the music I’ve picked out for you this week!

Maria Daines
Fly A Kite

Kevin Reeves
It’s About Time

Eileen Meyer
Pieces Of Me

Jeremy Rowe
In The Shadows
Where The Truth Lies

Bree Noble
Can You See The Stars
Can You See The Stars

The Coggs
It’s All Right
Blackjack And Cigarettes

All of this music was from the Podsafe Music Network at

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