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Archive for August, 2007

IMS – 061

31st August 2007

I took some time away from the Internet and the microphone this week and my son Joe ( volunteered to take my place for a week. I asked him to bring *his* music and style, and stuff them into my format. The music is both harder and more spiritual than I normally play. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be back next week with episode 62.

I will Carry You
Write My Story

Beatrice Ericsson
Put a Little Love
On-line album

Amber Ojeda
All I Need

All We Know Is Falling

Gregg Martinez
Big Bad Daddy

Allison Crowe
This Little Bird
This Little Bird

Alec Berlin
I See You
Beauty, Grazing at the Trough

All the music presented was from the Podsafe Music Network at Thanks for listening, have a good week, and let the music play … (even if I’m not there to play it!)

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IMS – 060

24th August 2007

Howard Jones
Just Look At You Now
Revolution of The Heart

Jen Chapin

Dirty Proper
Fallin’ For You
Here To Remind You

Orange Is In
Sticky Finger
Come and Take It

Jag Star
Missed Out
The Best Impression of Sanity

Wil Deynes
Better Way

Caitlin Cary
Please Break My Heart
I’m Staying Out

Howard Jones, Jen Chapin, Orange Is In and Wil Deynes were from the Podsafe Music Network at Jen Chapin and Jag Star are represented by Ariel Publicity at Dirty Proper and Caitlin Cary were played by permission.

I have a busy week coming up so my 15-year-old son Joe ( will be your host. I asked Joe to bring his music and style and stick them into my format. You can expect the show to sound a LOT different. :-) I’ll be back for show 62.

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IMS – 059

17th August 2007

My son, Joe ( and I built up a new podcast computer. I was able to retire from regular service a 1GHZ machine with 256MB of RAM to replace the 500MHZ machine I was using. It boots to Windows XP for Joe and Fedora 6 Linux for me. At the same time, Joe donated his microphone (superior to mine) and mixer to the project.

The good news is I have much better music control (like, it actually starts when I press the button instead of whenever it feels like, up to 2 seconds later). The bad news is I have poorer control over the microphone. In this episode, it’s a bit over-powering. Thanks for your patience as I work through the technical issues.

The music still sounds great! Here are six tracks from my personal collection for you to enjoy.

Beth Hirsch
Glad To Know

Keith Varon
Love Is A Hero

Di Sheldon
Love Came Lookin’ (duet with Micheal Mellett)

Andy Harrison
Sky Meets Heaven

Known Better
Forever Days

What I Feel Like As Winter Comes
Orange Chrome Sky

My thanks to each of these artists for giving me permission to share their music with you. If you liked what you heard, take a few minutes and drop them an email saying so. You have no idea what that means to them!

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IMS – 058

10th August 2007

Whitney Steele
Where Did You Go
Changing Lanes

Chapter 9
Marry Me Mary
A Piece of Cake

Blue Jar
Hey Mr. Pelican

From Me To You

Spartacus Jones
Homeland Security Blues

Kellie Coffey
Everything She Never Wanted
Walk On

The Marble Tea

All of the music presented this week came from the Podsafe Music Network online at

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IMS – 057

3rd August 2007

Scott Albert Johnson
Magnolia Road
Umbrella Man

Lindsay Anderson
The Sea And The Storm

Jeff McMullen
It Still Hurts
For Better Or Worse

Lee Rogers
Love Love Love
Drawing Clocks

Rusty Wright Blues
I Ain’t From Mississippi
Ain’t No Good Life

Ryan Shaw
This Is Ryan Shaw

All of the music presented was from the Podsafe Music network at

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