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Archive for October, 2009

IMS – 156

30th October 2009

Irene Rae
Broken Girl
End Of Nothing Beginning Of Something

Now or Never
We the Broken

Lasana Bandelé
Don’t Wait

Jody Cooper
Home Sweet Home
Ten A Penny

Nathan Lee
Open Road
Risk Everything

Sheila Nicholls
Songs from the Bardo

Dave PerMar
Smooth Sailing

Deuce Management: Irene Rae, Jody Cooper
Mevio Music Alley: Pan.a.ce.a, Sheila Nicholls
Digital Music Marketing: Nathan Lee
Direct: Lasana Bandelé, Dave PerMar

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IMS – 155

23rd October 2009

Katie Pearlman
We Make This
We Make This

Nothing But The Real Thing
The World Awaits

Adrina Thorpe
Halflight & Shadows

All You Want
These Bright Lights

Kirsten DeHaan
The Night Shift
Thorns On A Crown (5-track EP)

Loomis and The Lust
Bright Red Chords

Copper Box
Maybe Next Time
In The Summertime

Mevio Music Alley: Katie Pearlman, Adrina Thorpe, WAZ, Kirsten DeHaan
Indie Shows: Loomis and The Lust
Direct: Ryanhood, Copper Box

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IMS – 154

16th October 2009

The Brilliant Mistakes
Destiny’s Too Slow
Dumb Luck

Michelle Hotaling
Childhood Dreams
Sweet Clarity

Lionel Neykov
I Need You
Songs Of Want And Loss

Jill Stevenson
Where We’re Not

Andrew Petersen
It Gets that Way
The Universe and it’s Sense of Humor

Laura Cheadle
In The AM
Live On

Magnetic Cherry
Back Home
Electric Confessions

Mevio Music Alley: Michelle Hotaling, Jill Stevenson, Andrew Petersen
Deuce Management: Laura Cheadle, Magnetic Cherry
Direct: The Brilliant Mistakes, Lionel Neykov

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IMS – 153

9th October 2009

Thea Ford
Cat & Mouse
Monkey To The West

Joe Colledge
Waiting For Love
Out of the Blue

Olivia Bonilla
Can’t Say Goodbye

Two Angels
Into The Blue

The Finger Puppets
Hearing Things

Gidgets Ga Ga
The Big Bong Fiasco

Jennifer Haase
Loose Strand
Listening Chair

Deuce Management: Thea Ford
Mevio Music Alley: Joe Colledge, Jennifer Haase
Side B Music: Strangefinger
Direct: Olivia Bonilla, The Finger Puppets, Gidgets Ga Ga

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IMS – 152

2nd October 2009

Will Mendenhall
Blood Of My Blood

Paradise Street
Pretending To Love You

David Wilcox
Red Eye
Open Hand

Justin Biaggi and the Hopeless Romantics
Do You Love Me
Love’s Muse

National Broadcast
One Walk By

Rock This Country
Rock This Country

Audra Connolly
Dear Friend
Dear Friend

Mevio Music Alley: All

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