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IMS – 290

13th July 2012

Shannon Haley
I Will Not Fall In Love
Send You Some

Jesse Terry
Empty Seat On A Plane
Empty Seat On A Plane

Human Face
After Lunch
No Axe To Grind

The Audible Dark

Eric Erdman
My Brother’s Keepers

Johnathan Celestin
…And Then The Rolling Stone Fell in Love

Plastic Sky
Out Of The Dark

All music sourced from Music Alley.

2 Responses to “IMS – 290”

  1. Johnathan Celestin Says:

    Thanks for playing my music. I appreciate the love. -JC

  2. Shannon Haley Says:

    Your podcasts are awesome! Thank you so much for playing my music and including me. I really appreciate your support!! -Shannon

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